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Latest publications


•Marie-Isabelle Taddeï, La Galerie des inconnus célèbres, Le Chêne.

•Philippe Torreton, Une certaine raison de vivre, Robert Laffont. 

• Daniel Hernandez, La main de Dieu, TDO 


• Yolande Rasle and Renaud Farroux, Libres comme l'art, L'Atelier.

• Stephen Jaeger, The Second World War in the Twenty-First Museum , De Gruyter. English

• Aaron Shaheen, Great War Protheses in American Literature and Culture , Oxford University Press. English

• Annette Wievorka (preface) and Olga Wormser-Migot, The return of the deportees - When the allies opened the doors , Archidoc (reissue). English

• Gaston Bachelard, Jacques Bouveresse (preface) and Gabrielle Ferrières, Jean Cavaillès - A Philosopher in War (1903-1944) . Félin (reissue). English


•Arnaud Pautet, Histoire de France d'Alésia à nos jours, Autrement.

•Collective, André Gide and the painters , Lettres inédites , Les cahiers de la NRF-Gallimard.

• Marie-Isabelle and Frédéric Taddeï, D'art D'art, The complete collection , Le Chêne

• André Breton and Paul Eluard, Correspondence . NRF-Gallimard.

• China Miéville, The last days of the new Paris (novel ), Pocket. English

• Eugenio Barba and Nicolas Savarese, The Five Continents of Theater , Brill. English


• Kaira M. Cabañas, Learning from Madness: Brazilian Modernism and Global Contemporary Art , University of Chicago Press. English

• Giovanni Lista, Modern sculpture - from primitivism to the avant-garde . Ligeia.

• Andrea York and Perikles Christodoulou, Creating the house of European history , Office of the European Union. English

•Didier Ottinger, Collection Laurent Dumas, Ed. Communic'Art, Paris.

• Collective, Une Lutte moderne, from Delacroix to the present day , exhibition catalog.

• Pierrette Fuzat, Injury and resilience. Jacob's Struggle , Domuni Press.

• China Miéville, The last days of the new Paris (novel ), Au diable vauvert.


• Gérard De Vecchi, Train the critical mind, 2 , ESF.

• Catherine Chevillot et Anne Pingeot, Sculptures du XVIIe au XXe siècle, Somogy.

• Collective , A state art? , exhibition catalog.

• Eugenio Barba and Nicolas Savarese, I cinque continenti del teatro , Di Pagina. Italian


• China Miéville, The Last days of New Paris (novel ), Picador - Main market. English


• Anne Kimball, Max Jacob writes - Letter to six friends , PUR.

• Julien Arbois, Unusual Histories of the Resistance , City.

• Martial Caroff. Exoplanet (novel). Land of mist (reissue).

• Marcus M. Cornelius, Note for note - Another Pentateuch , book 5: Scatter, Iuniverse. English


• Collective , 55 Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte , Il Palazzo Enciclopedic o , exhibition catalog. Italian / English

• Collective , Paul Eluard, poetry, love and freedom , exhibition catalog .

• Chochana Boukhobza, Métal (novel), Denoël.

• Dominique Lormier, The Resistance for Dummies , First-Gründ.


•Collective,   Mjellby Konstmuseum, Surrealistiska ting, exhibition catalog. Swedish /   English

• Isabelle Herreros, La conquista del cuerpo , Planeta. Spanish


• Collective , Surreale Dinge: Skulpturen und Objekte von Dalí bis Man Ray , exhibition catalog. German /   English

• Bertrand Beyern, Guide to the graves of famous men , Le Cherche-midi (reissue).


• Keith Aspley, Historical dictionary of Surrealism , Scarecrow Press. English

• Julien Blanc , At the beginning of the Resistance , Seuil .

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